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Amplifying Voices, Inspiring Change: The Community Voices Video Series at Fab Youth Camp

Empowering Voices, Transforming Lives

Nestled within the vibrant communities of Asiwa Bobiem and Aboabo Kesse, a remarkable movement is quietly making waves. The Fab Youth Camp program, spanning an entire year, is cultivating the dreams and ambitions of youth aged 12 to 18. This endeavor is more than a mentorship; it's a voyage of self-discovery, leadership, and future employability.

From Inception to Expansion

The roots of Fab Youth Camp trace back to 2022, when a seed of opportunity was sown in Aboabo Kess

e, fueled by the support of the U.S. Embassy Ghana. The initial camp involving 100 youngsters ignited a spark that quickly spread. This year, the second camp in Asiwa Bobiem welcomed 61 Campers and 10 dedicated Counselors. The combined registration of over 200 Fab Youth Campers speaks volumes of the program's resonance.

Empowering Through Expression: Community Voices Video Series

At the heart of Fab Youth Camp's innovation lies the "Community Voices" Video Series. This creative endeavour empowers young minds to channel their thoughts into powerful visual stories. In these 3 to 5-minute videos, they champion local issues that resonate deeply within their community's fabric.

Diverse Topics, Diverse Impact

Environmental conservation, youth empowerment, gender equality, and more - the "Community Voices" project casts a wide net, capturing the essence of Aboabo Kesse. It's a canvas that allows these burgeoning filmmakers to voice their concerns and aspirations in a meaningful way.

An Adventure in Creativity

Imagine this: August 12th marks the start of a thrilling adventure. Guided by the experienced hand of multimedia producer and social entrepreneur Kwesi Mbir (Reaga Right), these campers step into their roles as storytellers. Equipped with new knowledge and skills from a year of learning, they're ready to craft videos that entertain and enlighten. From brainstorming ideas to capturing moments on camera and adding the finishing touches, their journey promises excitement and education.

Shining the Spotlight on Mentorship and Unity

Behind every success story stands a team of mentors and cheerleaders. Allow me to introduce the incredible Lead Counselor Barbara Acquah and her team: Aminatu Alhassan, Jennifer Anane Osei-Boateng, Emmanuella Appiah, and Festus Agewinum. These mentors have been with the campers every step of the way, guiding and supporting their creative pursuits. Beyond honing their skills, they're nurturing a sense of community, unity, and purpose that adds even more meaning to this journey.

Unleashing Creativity, Nurturing Talent

Drawing from a year of knowledge acquisition, these campers embark on this challenge with boundless enthusiasm. From brainstorming ideas to filming and crafting compelling narratives, they take charge of their creative destiny. The videos will take center stage during a joyous celebration, highlighting their dedication over the past year.

A Vision of Transformation

The "Community Voices" Video Series at Fab Youth Camp transcends mere videos; it's a voyage of self-empowerment and societal transformation. Through the lenses of these budding filmmakers, we catch a glimpse of a future where voices resonate, issues find resolution, and change is ushered in.

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Written By Kwesi Mbir Training Facilitator, Fab Hub Ashanti

About Fab Hub Ashanti

Fab Hub Ashanti in Kumasi is the in-person residential learning and events space for The Fabulous Woman Network, foundered by, Ama Duncan. This is where we host our events and programmes that have a positive impact on the community. As a way of generating revenue for our impact projects, we invite the public to use Fab Hub Ashanti at a highly subsidized rate. 100% of the revenue generated from Fab Hub Ashanti is used to run our operations including skills training for women and youth, and building infrastructure for underserved communities. In 2022, we built and donated the Aboabo Kesse Community Health Centre, mentored over 200 youth and trained over 100 women. When you also use Fab Hub Ashanti, your money will go directly into the operations of these projects.

Fab Youth Camp – is our training and mentorship programme for youth in underserved communities.

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