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Supporting and promoting the collaboration of hubs to build a strong entrepreneurial ecosystem. 

 Hubs Management Capacity Series

A collection of online workshops curated for GHN  to help hub managers and staff acquire additional knowledge and connections to support the entrepreneurship.

This Series is one of the resources GHN provides to its members that could help strengthen their organisation so that they can achieve their goals and mission in a sustainable way.

Zonal Database Hackathon

The Zonal hackathons were a precursor to Phase Two (2) of the Ghana Hubs Network- GiZ Make IT Digitization and Capacity Strengthening Program. The program seeks to develop a database management and analysis system for the Ghanaian entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem to serve as a catalyst for effective decision-making, policy formulation and advocacy, development of relevant and sustainable ecosystem programs and to accurately report on the capacity and potential within the ecosystem. This data will be the basis for forming synergies and partnerships amongst hubs, entrepreneurs, and innovators.

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