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Call for Proposals 

COVID19 has exposed the vulnerabilities of many small and growing businesses (SGBs) and how they respond to adversity all around the world. In Ghana, many of the businesses including hubs that relied on physical social groupings have seen a halt in activity due to the restrictions of social distancing. Hubs, like other businesses are realising the need to evaluate their business models to examine their capacity for local value creation in the face of adversity such as the global (or local) shutdown we witnessed with the COVID19 pandemic.  

In line with this, GIZ in collaboration with Ashesi University, specifically the D-lab is organizing a capacity building project to support entrepreneurship hubs across Ghana to develop Local Resiliency Business Models for the hub to cope with social distancing restrictions on its operations.  

As part of the implementation, the project requires the services of the following: 


1.     Monitoring and Evaluation Officer 

This involves supporting the project lead in his role in ensuring project objectives are achieved and learnings and outcomes properly documented   

Responsibilities will include but not limited to  

Develops monitoring indicators for measuring outputs and performance based on agreed framework  

Monitors and evaluates overall progress of project by collecting relevant data, information and statistics based on indicators 

Developing outcomes and learnings 


2.     Liaison Officer - Ghana Hub Network Representative 

The Liaison Officer, a GHN representative shall be the liaison officer between the hubs and Ashsei responsible for coordinating and communicating with hubs on the resiliency project. Responsibilities will include but not limited to 

Liaise with the hubs to provide Ashesi with all information regarding the hubs that would be attending both the virtual and physical workshops. 

Liaise with the hubs regarding the hubs that have been selected to provide the venue for each zone 

Liaise with hubs to provide vendors e.g. caterers for the physical meetings . 

Communicate workshop details and guidelines for workshops to hubs 

Responsible for announcing call for proposals on the hub network and coordinate the selection and award process 

Ensuring that publicity and communication is done through and with the right channels 


3.     Consultant for Hub Data Analysis  

This involves developing of a framework to organize, communicate, and understand the capacity and competencies of the hubs and linking this to opportunities available to them where they operate which would help them in making informed decisions. 

 Responsibilities will include but not limited to  

Capturing physical location of Hubs 

Analyzing and capturing capacity and competency areas of hubs 

Capturing local assets and opportunities for hubs 


4.     Consultant for the Development of Digital map (Geomapping) 

The consultant will be responsible for developing the Geodata mapping of resiliency models. Responsibilities will include but not limited to 

Liaising with person responsible for Hub Data Analysis to collate information 

Use the information obtained to develop a digital map capturing local assets and opportunities for hubs (Geodata mapping of resiliency models) 


5.       Media and publicity Consultant   


Responsibilities include but not limited to   

Designing of promotional materials  

Advertising of training program to hubs  

Publicity on both traditional and social media  

Video recordings and production at each of the 4 zones where training will be held  

Photography at each of the 4 zones where training will be held  


CVs/Applications should be sent to with copies to Deadline for receiving applications is 9th October, 2020 5pm. 

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