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The Africa Digital Skills Conference (#ADSC2020)

You can never know enough. You can never be complacent about or satisfied with how much knowledge and skills you have acquired. The Africa Digital Skills Conference offers you the opportunity to do just that. Follow the link to register now! #ADSC2020


The Africa Digital Skills Conference (ADSC2020) is a three-day virtual conference organized by Mobile Web Ghana and its partners to provide students , entrepreneurs, institutions, and the youth at large in Ghana and Africa with an opportunity to teach and learn basic digital skills and new technologies.


The conference is scheduled to take place from 10th to 12th November 2020 and it is fully virtual. Please share each post with the hashtag #ADSC2020 and the appropriate link and poster. We are reaching out to different groups of people to be able to host a successful conference, hence the different posts. We would appreciate it if you could create a post for all three categories of people.

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